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Sugar Pine Project: Water Right Permit 15375 Extension

The water right permit authorizing a water supply for Foresthill expired in 2011.  The Foresthill Public Utility District filed a petition with the State Water Resources Control Board to extend that water right permit in 2011.  

The State Board must examine impacts associated with extending the permit.  Foresthill Public Utility District prepared environmental documents to facilitate the State Board's review of the petition.

The environmental documents consider impacts associated with completing construction of the Sugar Pine Dam Project.  Completion of the project includes installation of radial gates in the dam's spillway.  Radial gates were a part of the original design of the dam.  Examining impacts associated with installation of radial gates provides the most comprehensive protection of Foresthill's water rights and is required by Water Code section 1396. 

The environmental documents explore impacts associated with extension of the full water right permit.  The documents do not require installation of radial gates.  A decision to install radial gates at the dam is separate from this process and will be considered when the timing is appropriate.

The following are links to the environmental documents:  


Link to US Forest Service website