Maintenance and Repair Projects

Below you will see pictures of some recent projects and repairs performed by the FPUD field staff and contractors. Keeping the storage, treatment, transmission, and distribution systems working around the clock requires constant attention to keep clean and reliable water flowing through our pipes and into your home or business.

  • 01-New Service Install On Gray Court
  • 02-New Service Install On Gray Court2
  • 03-Leak Along Foresthill Road
  • 04-Leak On Bath Road
  • 05-Another Bath Road Leak
  • 06-Another View of Bath Road Leak
  • 07-Bath Road Leak Repaired
  • 08-New Signage at Sugar Pine Dam
  • 09-Inside Filter Vessel After Sandblast & New Coating Applied
  • 10-Inside Filter Vessel After Sandblast & New Coating Applied2
  • 11-Maintenance on Underdrains in Filter Vessel
  • 12-Sandblasting in Filter Vessel
  • 13-New Filter Material Arrives
  • 14-Snowplow Damage To Valve in Todd Valley
  • 15-Sprillway Before Repair